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Industrial Soldering Equipment, Desoldering Equipment

Sorny Roong has been dedacating in industrial soldering equipment and desoldering equipment manufacturing for over 36 years. Sorny Roong is mainly about supplying soldering equipment which includes soldering station, soldering iron, pencil soldering iron and desoldering equipment that includes desoldering station, and other solder tools like SMD rework station, stainless tweezers, rhinestone applicator and soldering pump, etc.


Sorny Roong manufactures high precision, high quality, competitive prices and good performance soldering equipments and desoldering equipment to many countries. Our products have been approved by European regulation EMC, TUV, CE and have a good reputation in this field. All our soldering equipment has one-year guarantee and provides spare parts and support for after-sales service.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details. Sorny Roong is always pleasure to serve you. OEM cooperation is completely welcome.