This portable soldering iron is operated by means of 3x1.5V size AA batteries.

    Safety Notes

    • Place the protective cover over the tip when storing such that the cover secures the slide switch in the "OFF" position.
    • Tip is hot, Do not touch, Do not immerse in water!
    • After using the soldering iron, cool the iron naturally before storing away.
    • Always switch off the soldering iron after use by sliding the switch to the "OFF" position.

    Operating Instructions

    • Slide the battery cover open at the end of the soldering iron.
    • Place 3x1.5V size AA alkaline batteries into the iron as illustrated and replace cover.
    • Remove the protective cover at the tip.
    • Make sure tip is securely installed.
    • Slide the On/Off switch to the "ON" position.
    • Hold the soldering iron like a pen.
    • Press the round button on top of the On/Off switch continuously for approx. 15 seconds.
    • The tip should reach working temperature.
    • To save power, only press button when actually soldering.
    • The hot soldering iron should be placed standing upright with the tip pointing up when not in use to avoid contacting the surrounding.
    • After soldering , slide the switch to the "OFF" position, replace the protective cover.


    • If it takes more than 30 seconds to reach working temperature, replace the batteries.
    • Use alkaline batteries for best results. Do not mix old and new batteries.
    • With 3 new batteries, this soldering iron can operate continuously for approx. 60 minutes.
    • Do not change the soldering tip when hot, Use the tip exchanger provided to remove the tip as shown.
    • The soldering tip is iron-plated long life tip an therefore do not file the tip.
    • If the soldering iron is not to be used for a long period of time, remove the batteries from the soldering iron.
  • Model Weight Heater Packing Measure Cuft
    SL-089 86g
    without batteries
    50PCS 2.2'