SR-071 Mini Battery Glue Gun

  • SR-071 Mini Battery Glue Gun


    This glue gun adopt high-tech
    high temperature PTC.

    High quality heating element, temperature rising rapidly, longer service life.

    The outside shell made of senior construction plastics, glue gun body is firm.



    1.Electronic circuit board

    2.Artificial flowers Christmas tree

    3.Decorations the metals product

    4.The toy model industry

    5.The wood product


    including 3 glue sticks

  • Voltage DC:6V (AA X 4)
    Power 10W
    Glue stick 7.0-7.5mm
    Temperature 150-180 degree
    Nozzle diameter 1.8-2.0mm
    Flow of glue 3-5g per minute
    Weight 165g