Size: 24.5(0) em x 18.5 em(W) x 13.5(H) em


    Power, heating time, small noise and price saving.

    Auto standby function

    Digital display

    Recharging electronic equipment
    smartphone, pad, etc ...

    Combined powerful suction tin gun and high-performance welder for optimal repair works.


    1.Rework for a variety of components such as: SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, etc. (Especially for phone cable and welding cable split seat)

    2.For shrink, drying, paint, adhesive removal, thawing, warm, and plastic welding.

    Model No: SR-073

    • High-precision thermocouple testing the temperature and keep the temperature. Dual operational amplifier logic control to ensure work stablility. Design of anti-static de-soldering components to avoid static damage.
    • Using pump type that life are long and noise are small. High-quality heating element in the same power effciency can be doubled effect, good for extend the heating element working life and power savings. It is the real lead-free soldering.
    • Air gun also set humanzied manually and automatic conversion. Automic, handle is equipped with automatic sensor switch. When take the gun handle that system can quickly enter the working mode. When put the handle on the holder that System will enter standby mode. Manually, when the air gun has been is working condition, the working environment for all kinds of real-time operating convenience.

    Variety of Option Parts

  • Input voltage AC 220V / AC 110V
    Power ≤550W
    Heater type Skeleton
    Airflow type Diaphragm pump
    Airflow value ≤24L / min
    Temperature range 100°C - 450°C
    Temperature stability ±1 °C
    Shows type LED / display
    Handle line ≤100 cm
    Noise ≤45dB
    Work Environment 0 ~ 40°C
    Storage Environment -20 - 80°C
    Storage humidity 35% - 45%